The Challenge

  • The reporting was a nightmare - very limited, no drill-down capabilities, and not timely.

  • The software and the company supporting it couldn’t seem to move the company forward.

  • The warehouse management system fell short of the barcoding and scanning capabilities necessary to track all inbound and outbound inventory transactions.

  • The client needed a ERP solution it wouldn't outgrow, and a local business partner to help them onsite.

The Solution

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP for Financials, Distribution, and Reporting.

  • Trinity Food Solution for catchweights (to enhance sales order capture), logistics (including, load planning) as well as many aspects of pricing.

  • On-site consultants throughout the implementation to offer advice, training, and project management.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.21.51 PM.png

The Benefits

  • A reporting package enabling Imler’s management to enter budgets per week, drilling down to product level per salesman. Each salesman then gets weekly via e-mail updates on their actual sales compared to budget. Imler’s is now proactive instead of reactive to business changes - as a company and at the sales level.

  • Automated sales reports sent via e-mail indiciate the customers and items showing a downward sales trend in the last 4 weeks. This enables Imler’s salespeople to proactively call the customer on Monday and try to identify any problems and their source.

  • Auto-send customer statements and price sheets via e-mail and fax every Friday versus manually doing those procedures each week.

  • Imler’s is in the commodities business and prices change weekly. Orders that have been in the system that are not under contract now get re-priced automatically, if there are price changes.

  • Implementation of a warehouse management solution for scanning to eliminate picking errors.

  • Increased speed of picking and put away.