The Challenge

  • The inability to access and utilize all data from operational systems (POS) without their IT staff creating manual reports.

  • Making decisions based on "real-time" actionable data.

  • The need for accurate, up-to-date information concerning various areas of their 35+ restaurants. Data points included guest counts, meals being sold and which add-ons were being purchased with each.

  • Comparing data from prior weeks to the same time period in the previous year.

The Solution

  • Custom-built data warehouse that enables Hoss’s personnel to analyze data without IT having to piece together a manual report.

  • The "raw" POS data from each restaurant is now segmented out by Guest Count, Quantity Sold, Price, Discounts, and Tax, then split out by Server, Store, Hour, Day, Dine-in/Carry out, Meal, Table # and more...  
  • All information easily viewable is Excel using familiar functionality with the ability to run side by side comparisons.
  • Experienced consultants and developers to spec out and coordinate the project.

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The Benefits

  • Real-time access and analysis of POS data allowing management to make accurate decisions.

  • The ability to look at the numbers from multiple dimensions letting decision makers slice and dice raw data into information, leading to actionable knowledge in minutes

  • Seeing a trend lines became a simple exercise - using Drag and Drop - versus a multi-step process.

  • No need to burden IT with making reports, letting them focus on more critical matters.