New guidebook detailing why customers are choosing Acumatica

Posted by Joe Hasson on Aug 28, 2019 2:34:08 PM
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Nucleus Research, a group of independent analysts, has been providing fact-based research since 2001 so companies can make informed technology decisions. In an eBook released this summer, they give a detailed look of Acumatica's ERP software, and the customers using it.

The following quotes are taken directly from the eBook authored by Nucleus Research: Guidebook Acumatica Platform. I hope the below excerpts will prompt you to review the eBook in its entirety, but if not, I’m sure this glimpse into Acumatica may have you questioning your own system and/or processes.

Why Customers are Choosing Acumatica

“A unifying theme from customers was their need for a platform on which they could continue to grow and expand their businesses. Additionally, several customers expressed the need for a system that could adjust as their business models did, citing shifting dynamics within their industries as a driving force for them to change.”

It’s been our experience that companies will not change, or upgrade to, an ERP system until they see no other choice for their business. ERP deployment is a tricky business that requires an experienced partner. A growing business may typically see it as a risk, but it’s actually an opportunity.

“Nucleus found that customers and partners selected Acumatica for several reasons including ease of use, belief in the technology, developer community, and the prospects for growth.”

Empower can vouch for this, since these are the core reasons we chose to become an Acumatica partner five years ago. Our prospective customers were hungry to see modern ERP applications, specifically cloud-based ones, and we knew Acumatica was the right ERP software and company to deliver this.

Acumatica differentiators

“Acumatica sets the standard for usability in the ERP market.”

A very proud mention for any software product, but even more so for a product that runs your entire business. User adoption and training on any new software application can be intimidating for employees. Knowing that you are implementing software that is intuitive for end-users promises a smooth transition versus other ERP systems.

“Unlike many other vendors in the ERP space, Acumatica’s pricing is not on a per-user basis, and instead offers a consumption model based on transaction volume and data storage requirements.”

Acumatica’s consumption-based pricing has been one of its most touted differentiators from the beginning. As a partner that has provided software solutions both sold by user and by consumption, I can tell you the latter is greatly preferred. Paying one price for the entire workforce and not having to worry about paying to add users as the company expands is a huge benefit.

“Acumatica has been investing heavily in ensuring that its platform supports customers now and in the future. The modern cloud platform provides features such as mobile functionality, multi-tenancy configurations, multi-language localizations, document management, and two-factor authentication capabilities. Acumatica’s applications have a modern, intuitive user interface, personalized notifications, cross-functional workflows, reporting and dashboarding, and multi-entity support.”

Acumatica’s dedication to product improvement and innovation is setting the standard in the ERP industry. To this day, developers and engineers make up the majority of their staff. They listen closely to customer suggestions and deploy solutions that make an impact on the day-to-day business.

Customer results after implementing Acumatica

“Nucleus found that customers most frequently cite the software’s usability as driving value for their organizations. For some customers, Acumatica represents their first ERP software after moving away from a hodgepodge of spreadsheets and QuickBooks. As a result, Acumatica represents a paradigm shift, allowing companies to implement workflows across functional departments. Equally, for customers moving from legacy on-premises ERP systems, Acumatica provided a modern, intuitive user experience with low hurdles to adoption.”

Growing beyond a product like QuickBooks, or choosing to update an outdated system, is a big bet. You’re betting on continued growth, on the software, and on the partner you choose to work with. It’s not a decision easily reversed (if it can be at all) which is why there is so much thought, preparation, and importance placed on it. Hearing from current customers, understanding that they had similar challenges, and knowing they took the plunge and are better off for it is a crucial step in finding the right ERP system.

Hopefully these quotes have intrigued you enough to view the full eBook (it’s only 10 pages 😉). If you’d like to learn more about Acumatica, speak to active customers, or schedule a demo to see it in action, please reach out to us.

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