Local Manufacturer Chooses Acumatica ERP & Empower Business Solutions

Posted by Joe Hasson on Dec 19, 2019 3:50:44 PM
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Empower Business Solutions is excited to announce that Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped (CCABH) is a new ERP software customer. Based in Johnstown, PA, CCABH offers vision, rehabilitation, and employment services for persons with disabilities combined with a premier manufacturing operation, CAB Products. CAB Products, manufactures high quality hooks, hangers, and other innovative products for customers worldwide. Their products are used in mining, solar power, ship building, utilities, and more. CAB employs hundreds of persons with disabilities whom they teach and help to become independent and self-sufficient. Although employing hundreds of people with disabilities is incredibly rewarding, it also comes with it’s own set of challenges, specifically paying them. According to CAB's Comptroller:

“Our payroll calculations are unique due to the population of individuals we employ. That has always been our hurdle in finding an ERP package.”

Due to these complex payroll calculations, CAB has been using a custom written software program to run their business for decades. There was an attempt to change business systems at one point, but the implementation ended in failure. The system and the vendor were unable to accommodate for CAB’s unique requirements and the project was never completed.

CAB remained on their custom system, but were notified that the system support would eventually be discontinued due to a lack of resources to maintain it. There was no choice except to begin the search for a Manufacturing ERP System that could manage their back office, manufacturing needs, and their distinctive payroll requirements.

Having gone through the process before, CAB had their “guard up” and knew better than to waste time with a vendor that might over-promise and under-deliver. CAB was immediately pleased with the approach Empower Business Solutions took. Before making any recommendations or showing any software, Empower set out to learn about the company and spend ample time understanding their internal processes and the Quote-to-Cash cycle. CAB’s Comptroller shared:

“Empower came into our facility, toured, and observed our processes. This helped them to decide whether Acumatica was going to be the right fit for our organization.”

After multiple onsite meetings spent understanding CAB's requirements and defining the project goals, Empower was confident in proposing Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition. The Manufacturing Edition includes Financials, Order Management, Inventory Control, Bill of Materials (BOM), Production Management, and Material Requirements Planning (MRP). The flexibility of Acumatica's platform would make writing the custom payroll calculations and integrating them into the back office processes a very doable task versus a head-scratching chore. Of course, the caveat with software customizations and one of CAB’s worries, was whether the customizations would be affected by future software releases. Fortunately, with Acumatica’s modern system framework, this has not been an issue and can be done in less time and with less effort than outdated systems.

“Empower assured us they can make the custom changes we need for our manufacturing and payroll calculations, and that it will not be a major inconvenience when Acumatica system updates are done.”

It’s not just about what the ERP System can offer though. The software vendor leading the implementation is a (the?) major deciding factor too. When asked how significant the vendor a company chooses to work with is, CAB believes its:

“Very important - you are trusting this vendor to provide a package to run your business and provide continuing support…it’s also a plus Empower is a local company.”

We could not agree more. With current customers dating back to the mid-90’s Empower recognizes that ERP relationship are long-term ones. That’s why we always strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Although the implementation is still in the early stages, CAB is already starting to see some of the future benefits that Acumatica will bring:

“As we go through Acumatica and see features that we don't currently have, we are starting to see the value. For example we have customers who require custom invoices. In Acumatica we will be able to set this "special" invoice up once for the customer and use it each time we invoice. Currently we are doing this manually. With Acumatica we will be able to save time and gain features we don't currently have available to us.”

Empower is excited knowing there are more features and additional functionality that will impact CAB's business as the implementation progresses. We'll report back once the system is "live" but until then, thanks for reading.

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