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2018: The Year ERP Happened?

Posted by Joe Hasson on Oct 24, 2017 4:19:23 PM
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I recently attended the Acumatica 2017 R2 release in Boston. It was a great opportunity to learn about some of the feature-packed enhancements being released in the newest version and to connect with others in the channel.

Arguably the biggest value I took away though, was listening to the panel of industry experts that were brought in. I’ve been doing ERP for a little while now (going on 30 years) so having the chance to hear an in-depth free flow conversation about the future of the ERP software industry was awesome. It was also interesting to hear what the analysts took away from their candid conversations with small and midsize businesses during their ERP research. There was one quote from an analyst at Gartner, which has stayed with me. It was meant as a piece of general advice to the attendees in the crowd that were reviewing Acumatica as a potential solution for their business: “don’t let nostalgia, be your business model.”

In this memorable phrase, the analyst was specifically calling out businesses that are sticking with their old and outdated business system simply because “they’ve always done it this way.” I tend to harp a lot on this point, but that’ because I’ve seen firsthand the transformation that happens when companies do make an ERP system change. I get to see it every day with our customers.

Since 1989, Empower has been fortunate to work with a number of customers that continue to grow their revenue YOY, in part, because they have the systems and automated processes in place, that allow for extended growth. Before working with us, most of them had either an inefficient system hindering their potential for a growth spurt, or like many, started out on QuickBooks and quickly began outgrowing its capabilities. When they chose to implement a new ERP system, it didn’t happen overnight. It took time and effort on all sides. That’s why our dedicated people take the time to learn and understand our customers’ business and internal processes, before guiding them through the implementation and training of a new ERP system. Having a trusted advisor that’s in your region will make selecting and choosing a system easier and attainable.

So I’d like to pose a Call-to-Action for anyone that has been sitting on the fence mulling over the idea of modernizing their business management software: just reach out, talk to us, talk to our customers, just start the process! Maybe it is the right time to change - maybe not – but isn’t the future growth of your business worth finding out?

Thanks for reading and let’s talk soon.

- Joe

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